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Grayson National Bank and Bank of Floyd Are Combining!

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We're A Small Town Bank
With Small Town Values - And Proud Of It.

Old Bank ImageSince 1900, Grayson National Bank has been serving the people of the western Blue Ridge Highlands. This is our home, and the small towns of this region are where you will find us. We believe that doing three things has helped us prosper through good times and bad - we hire good people, provide good service, and act as good neighbors.


Recently we have joined with our neighbor – Bank of Floyd – and we are working now to combine our two banks. We believe this combination will create a dynamic community bank dedicated to serving our very important hometown communities. Like us, Bank of Floyd has proudly served the people of this area for more than 100 years, and as neighboring banks we are very familiar with them and how they do business. They are the ideal partner – a bank that shares our values and commitment to hometown banking and personal service. We’ll grow together without compromising our core beliefs.

As we launch into a new era, we are excited at what the future will hold. If you're already a Grayson National Bank or a Bank of Floyd customer, we hope you will take this journey with us, and if you’re looking for a local bank that will focus on our needs, we invite you to become a customer.


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